04 JAN 2011 Me Making A God Dam Fucking Sandwich

04 JAN 2011 Me Making A God Dam Fucking Sandwich

04/JAN/2011 Me Making A God Dam Fucking Sandwich is a video by Andywilson92. It was filmed on 4th January 2011, however it was uploaded to YouTube on 17th September 2011, to Andywilson92's channel TheGayestChannel.


Andywilson92 starts the video by telling the viewer that he does not buy bacon rashers, instead he buys a "brick" of bacon, and then proceeds to state that "brick form bacon is better". Andywilson92 then cuts a slice of bacon off the bacon brick, and places it into the frying pan. When the bacon has cooked, Andywilson92 places it onto a plate. After doing this, he says that because he likes Shadow the Hedgehog, he will add Tesco brand Chicken roll to the sandwich, and says that Tesco chicken roll is 100% natural chicken. Andywilson92 slices open some bread. Finding difficulty in cutting into the brrad whilst holding the camera, he places the camera onto his "trusty bible". After succeeding in slicing open the bread, Andywilson92 adds some butter, but soon discovers that the butter has gone mouldy, and says that " mouldy butter is bad". Andywilson92 disposes of the butter by throwing it into the bin, and places the slices of chicken onto the bread, along with the bacon. Andywilson92 slices some black olives and adds them to the sandwich. He then decides to add some Thai sweet chilli, and finishes the sandwich.


  • This video was filmed on 4th January 2011.
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