10 Changes To The World That WILL Happen Soon

10 Changes To The World That WILL Happen Soon

10 Changes To The World That WILL Happen Soon is a video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 21st September 2017.


Andywilson92 greets the viewer, and says that if it is any other time of day, the viewer shall be "sleeping or working down at the asbestos mine", and welcomes the viewer to the first in a many part series in "re-educating the masses". Andywilson92 says that he has been reading the comments section in his videos, and has noticed that apparently all his viewers "have been left out of the school system", and has therefore taken the responsibility of re-educating the viewers himself. Andywilson92 announces that he will begin with Geography, which he mispells as "Jogfrofty". He then says that Geography is all about the world, and how borders are drawn to separate foreign people from normal people. Andywilson92 shows a map showing "all 14 of the world's continents" (Sodor, "no idea", Tyksrr and "Spain I think"), and how borders are drawn to "keep dirty foreigners away". Andywilson92 then explains that there will be several changes to the world map to improve things for everyone.


He says that Czech Republic and Slovakia shall be made into Czechoslovakia, and Austria and Hungary shall become the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He then says that Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg are too small, and shall be combined into Benislux. Andywilson92 says that he gets confused during the Eurovision Song Contenst, and shall be combining Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia to re-form Yugoslavia. Macedonia shall remain its own nation. Transnistria shall become its own nation, however Moldova will stop being a country and will become part of Australia. Norway shall be connected to Sweden. Post-Brexit, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall physically move to centre of the atlantic, approximately 1,000 miles north. The Republic of Ireland will stay exactly where it is, and the Channel Tunnel shall stay where it is, but is now 1100 miles long. Liechtenstein will be given the coastline.


The countries in the caucus mountains "are too confusing", and Andywilson92 forgets which is which, so he is combining them all into one country which he shall call Flopsydopsysillywillytown. Andywilson92 says that he has no idea of the politics in the Middle East, because he has never watched the news and does not intend to, but he will make Israel twice as big. He then says that China gets to keep Tibet, and he will give them Bhutan and the Australian State of Queensland. Andywilson92 says that there are too many "stans", and he forgets which is which, so he will combine them all into one country which he will call Onecountrystan. Laos and Cambodia will be combined into a new country which shall be called Mangledpenisstan, and shall become an overseas territory of Onecountrystan. North Korea and South Korea shall be reunified under the regime of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the capital will be Pyongyang. Andywilson92 then says that he will be giving the Sakhalin Oblast to Japan because he likes the way the islands line up. Russia shall recieve New South Wales and Western Australia. Japan shall pay for this island by sending all Japanese Spider Crabs to low earth orbit.


The region of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan shall be given to the Walt Disney Company for all the lovely "Michael Mouse" cartoons. Cote d'Ivoire will no longer be allowed to have a French sounding name, and as punishment is shall be renamed to "Look at me I'm a stupid country With a stupid name Dont visit me". The Gambia will continue to be allowed to exist, providing it expand inland, taking up  the entireity of the Gambia River to its source in what is now Guinea. Madagascar shall become like the film of the same name. 

North AmericaEdit

Greenland will have its ice caps removed because "they are very dirty". The Candian provinces of Yukon and British Columbia will be given to the United States, giving it road access to Alaska. As compensation, Canada shall receive South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. California will become its own country providing it expand southwards. Andywilson92 says that in accordance with "God Emperor Trump" (Donald Trump)'s vision, a trench shall be constructed on the Canadian border, believing that that is what he wants (mistaking it for Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall between United States and Mexico). Puerto Rico shall recieve the Australian states of Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania, and also Herd Island and the "McDonald's Islands". All the CARICOM countries shall be connected with long, ornate bridges. Another long bridge shall be built between the Bering Strait, connecting Alaska and Russia. Road traffic will not be allowed on this bridge, instead it will be for gentlemen in Victorian attire to walk on when courting young ladies holding long parasols. Andywilson92 says that he will be removing the Louisiana Purchase because he doesn't know what it is, and the same will go for Honduras.

South AmericaEdit

Chile will be expanded to take up the entire coast of South America, all the way up north to Panama. A large, ornate bridge shall be constructed between the southern tip of Chile and the northern tip of Antarctica. Argentina will be removed. Andywilson92 says that he keeps thinking that Trinidad and Tobago is a landlocked African country, instead of an island ten miles off of the coast of Venezuela. To rectify this, it will be moved to the middle of Lake Victoria. He says that he also keeps incorrectly thinking that Suriname is somewhere in the South China Sea, so Suriname will be moved to the South China Sea.


With no land left, Australia will be relocated to the country formaly known as Moldova, this being for Eurovision related purposes. 

Andywilson92 thanks the viewer for watching the video, and tells them to give it a thumbs up, and send the URL to their Great Auntie Gladis. Andywilson92 says that he didn't mean to cause any offense from the video, but if he has it's "really funny". 


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