ANDY'S SIMS 3 LETS PLAY PART 1 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to his YouTube channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 11th September 2014. It is the first episode of the ANDY'S SIMS 3 LETS PLAY series.


Andywilson92 introduces himself to the viewer, and adds that The Sims 4 has been recently released, but states that he has heard negative comments about it, and has decided to play The Sims 3 instead, as it "is a much better game". Andywilson92 shows the viewer a new Sim that he has created called "Farmer Bringle", who is a farmer, and his dog. Andywilson92 then shows five old ladies who are also policemen, and notices a horse. Andywilson92 ends the video, and says goodbye to the viewer.



5 days later, Andywilson92 introduces some of the old ladies, "Tyreece", "Shaniqua" and "Idi Armin". After doing so, Andywilson92 returns to Farmer Bringle, who is reading about cookery; Andywilson92 says that he has been doing some thinking, and has decided that Farmer Bringle would be better as a five star chef. Andywilson92 decides that the five old black ladies should live in Farmer Bringle's garage, except for one of them, who lives in the kitchen. Andywilson92 explains that as he is incredibly ill, it is the perfect time to record this video. After checking on all the inhabitants of the house, Andywilson92 feeds the dog a bone. Andywilson92 then decides to buy "the best damn dog house that money can buy" for the dog, and also gives the dog a television. Farmer Bringle continues reading his cookery book, while Andywilson92 states that he is going to be "the best damn chef in the world". Farmer Bringle makes spaghetti for the entire household, while Andywilson92 becomes curious about what will happen at dinner time, but says that they will find out on the next episode, however afterwards he says that it will be the current episode. Preparing the table for the household, Andywilson92 realises that he cannot afford expensive chairs, so he buys some cheap ones until the household becomes wealthier and they can afford higher quality chairs. While watching everyone eat, Andywilson92 remarks that it is a "prime example of a nuclear family", one farmer, one dog and five elderly black policewomen. Andywilson92 places a light above the dinner table, so that the household can see their food better. Farmer Bringle watches television while the elderly black policewomen cannot gain access to the beds in the garage, as there is a car blocking their way, and the only one of them who can sleep in the one who has a bed in the kitchen. Farmer Bringle then gets into bed, while Andywilson92 sends the elderly black policewomen to sleep. Andywilson92 notices a horse outside. and struggles to send the policewomen to bed. After noticing that Farmer Bringle is bald in bed, Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle removes his hair when he sleeps. Andywilson92 wonders what the black policewomen are doing, but realises that they are grooming the dog.

Andywilson92 tells the viewer that he lost a few minutes of recording, and that the story is set in the future, and he has no idea what is going on. He explains that he has been refurbishing the kitchen, and that he thinks that the elderly policewomen did not sleep very well the previous night, as they haven't slept at all. Farmer Bringle continues to make spaghetti. Andywilson92 moves all the beds to the kitchen so that everyone in the household can sleep. He notices that Farmer Bringle is making what he perceives to be porridge. Andywilson92 looks at what Farmer Bringle has made, and believes that it is spaghetti. Andywilson92 then realises that it is nightime, and decides that the policewomen should go to sleep. He arranges the beds so that some are in the kitchen, and one of the beds is next to the dog. Farmer Bringle is playing video games, and Andywilson92 notices that Farmer Bringle has fish in his pocket. Farmer Bringle orders pizza, and after accepting it from the pizza delivery boy, Andywilson92 places it in Farmer Bringle's pocket. Farmer Bringle then goes to sleep on the sofa, while Andywilson92 talks about a dream he had the previous night where he was sleeping on the sofa, and someone scolded him for sleeping on the sofa instead of a bed, while horrible monsters were outside. The elderly black policewomen go to work, while Andywilson92 says that they must be "top police ladies", while Farmer Bringle sleeps until 10 'o' clock, as he has a busy day ahead of him, going to the restaurant. Andywilson92 says that he doesn't think he can enter a pizza that he didn't make as the dish, but wonders if he can enter half-eaten waffles. He decides that Farmer Bringle should make pancakes for the contest. Farmer Bringle enters the pancake as his dish, and celebrates by placing the pizza that he ordered earlier onto the table and calling everyone to dinner. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle has cast aside his old life, and has started a new job digging through bins. Andywilson92 then states several reasons why The Sims 4 is not a very good game. He says that he thinks Farmer Bringle has found a lamp whilst digging through bins. Andywilson92 says that it would be a good idea if The Sims introduces buses into their games. Farmer Bringle reads a book, but Andywilson92 says that he shouldn't. Farmer Bringles eats a raw potato, lettuce and fish.

Andywilson92 goes over what we have learnt from this video. He says that we have learnt all about family, and says that a family doesn't have to be related, it can be several people who don't know each other and start squatting in a house one day. Andywilson92 wishes a good night and sweet dreams to his viewers, and says that he will see them next time on The Sims 3.


  • This video is dedicated to Joan Rivers (8th June 1933 - 4th September 2014).
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