ANDY'S SIMS 3 LETS PLAY PART 3 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 5th February 2015.


Farmer Bringle is seen relaxing in the swimming pool. Andywilson92 says he will come back to Sims 3, and it has been a while. He tells the viewer that Sprange has been confiscated by the police. He shows the viewer some improvements that he has made to the house, one of which is a room underground for some members of the household. There are only 3 beds for 4 people, but Andywilson92 says they can share. Shaniqua, who Andywilson92 describes as "the lady of the manor", is taking a bath while Farmer Bringle brushes his teeth. He says that Shaniqua is sleeping upstairs in the house with Farmer Bringle. Andywilson92 says it is sad that the dog was taken away, and tells Shaniqua that she is going to have to clean the house in the morning, and tells her to stop bathing as she is clean enough. Farmer Bringle mops the floor, and fixes the sink. After this, he goes to bed. Meanwhile, the rest of the household are waking up. He sends Tyreen to have a cold shower. Andywilson92 says that he runs a very strict house. Andywilson92 removes a wall which was blocking access to the basement. Shaniqua quits her job, while Andywilson92 says that he does not need work, and describes her as a "beautiful queen". He then suggests that she goes shopping, but sees only a book shop and a supermarket. The rest of the household come out of the basement, and Andywilson92 describes them as "horrible goblins". Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle that he looks fabulous, but tells him he could look better. Farmer Bringle makes fruit pancakes. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle he will be "buff as hell", in his new upstairs gym. Andywilson92 builds an upstairs gym, and orders the rest of the household to go to work. After seeing Shaniqua in the swimming pool, Andywilson92 goes to see what Farmer Bringle is doing, and discovers a paper boy outside the house. Both Farmer Bringle and Shaniqua swim, but upon discovering that there is "something wrong", Andywilson92 dismisses them from the pool. He decides that they need to make some money fast, and suggests that Shaniqua should write a novel, but retracts this idea when he realises that would cost money. He briefly wonders if he could sell anything, but realises he can't. He decides to visit the neighbours, who he has not met yet. Shaniqua goes to meet the neighbours. Andywilson92 suggests that Shaniqua should tell a joke about how all her sisters live in the basement, and talk about how they are worried about money. He also tells Shaniqua to ask about the neighbour's career, and apologise for the previous remark. He then suggests that Shaniqua should "speak madness", as "women like that". Upon returning home, Andywilson92 sees a man named Garland in the kitchen talking with Farmer Bringle. Andywilson92, seeing an ice cream van outside his house, tells Farmer Bringle that there is not time for ice cream, and he should go to the community lot. He says that Garland has the choice to come with them, or stay at home, and they are going to the steak house, by bicycle. He orders Farmer Bringle to go around the back of the building, and says that this is the perfect way to make money. He decides that Shaniqua should come too, for he has an interesting business proposal. Farmer Bringle leaps into a bin and begins digging amongst the waste, while Andywilson92 expresses his approval, and says that they will be rolling in money. Shaniqua also searches for waste in another bin. Andywilson92 decides that this will be a family business. While Shaniqua continues searching amongst the waste, Farmer Bringle walks off. Andywilson92 takes a look at what Farmer Bringle found, which turns out to be some steak, some waffles and some duck food. Shaniqua finds a Japanese beetle, but Andywilson92 questions where it is, and whether he can sell it. Andywilson92 sends them both home, and says that they are "in the money". After assigning duties to members of the household, he adds a wall so they cannot escape, and says that they have a very strict bedroom routine. Andywilson92 decides to purchase equipment for Farmer Bringle's work out room, but finds that he cannot afford any. He discovers Shaniqua in the basement, and discovers Coconuts out of the basement, upstairs. Andywilson92 tells Coconuts that she is wasting too much of his time, and traps her in an area near the basement. He then sends Shaniqua to live upstairs. To make money, Andywilson92 sells a door and several other objects, incliding furniture and trees. Andywilson92 then purchases some exercise equipment and extends the room with the money that he has collected. Upon discovering that the ceiling is too low, he places the treadmill on the garden. He discovers Farmer Bringle getting into bed, and tells him it is not bedtime. Andywilson92 then sends Farmer Bringle to brush his teeth, and says that his teeth stink. Andywilson92 then adds a roof to the exercise room and sells the treadmill. He then purchases some exercise equipment, a television, a stereo, and some paintings. He then sells a tree to collect money to buy some lights, so that Farmer Bringle can exercise all night. Andywilson92 plays some country music on the stereo, as Farmer Bringle begins to exercise. He also orders Shaniqua to change into Swimwear and dance. Andywilson92 describes this as "The Sims in a nutshell". Andywilson92 compares upstairs and downstairs; upstairs and party is going on, and downstairs all is quiet. Farmer Bringle goes downstairs to make a salad, which he then eats in the bathroom. Farmer Bringle and Shaniqua then go to bed. Andywilson92 then talks about the first time he played The Sims 3, when he made a fisherman. Andywilson92 allows the rest of the sisters leave the basement to go to work. Andywilson92 notices that someone is stealing the household's bicycle, and realises why: he has forgotten to pay the bills. Farmer Bringle drives to a building. As Farmer Bringle enters the building, a small child leaves, which Andywilson92 claims is Farmer Bringle. After a while, Farmer Bringle leaves the building.

At home, Andywilson92 places a sofa outside, and says that every day, one one person in the basement will not have a bed, and will have to sleep outside, on the sofa. He then surrounds the sofa with a moat, and adds a pebble nearby.

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