ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 4 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 12th February 2015.


Andywilson92 expresses his shock at seeing several horses outside the house. Meanwhile, Farmer Bringle goes to his exercise room and exercises. Andywilson92 tells the viewer that Farmer Bringle has been "pumping iron" for about a week and a half. Andywilson92 says that Shaniqua is working on her novel, and shows a study that he has made, where she can work on it. Meanwhile, a man is seen fixing the computer, but finishes, and Shaniqua gets a slice of pizza and resumes writing her novel, which is titled "Lady Florences Day at the races", and Andywilson92 expresses his hope that this will become a series about Lady Florence.

Meanwhile Farmer Bringle is exercising. Andywilson92 tells us that it is Farmer Bringles birthday tomorrow. Andywilson92 then realises that the horses that were outside are now nowhere to be seen. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle will become "a man", but then realises that technically Farmer Bringle is a man, but he will be an older man. Andywilson92 says that Saturdays are the worst days at that house. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle will change his outfit, to reflect his "super macho man lifestyle" that he will live. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle to take a bath and use the lavatory, and then eat some ice cream, after which Andywilson92 will read him "Unicorns for Audrey". Andywilson92 says that this will be Farmer Bringle's routine from now on, "work out, wash, eat, read Unicorns for Audrey, and then sleep. Andywilson92 then lets the rest of the sisters run free and do what they like. He tells Shaniqua to resume work on her novel, but realises that she has completed it. He then tells her to write a sci-fi novel titled "Lady Fleddingtons trip to mercury". Meanwhile, Farmer Bringle is reading Unicorns for Audrey. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle must become "buff as hell" before the rest of the household dies. Farmer Bringle wakes up early, and Andywilson92 sends him to exercise. Andywilson92 says that when the sisters die, he will "sell up", collect life insurance, and will start with a brand new sitcom, where Farmer Bringle is "buff as hell", trying to raise 16 black children. Andywilson92 then notices that Farmer Bringle is "putting long hours of exertion and restraint to become the finest athlete in the neighbourhood". Andywilson92 then sends Farmer Bringle on a jog around town to show off how fit he is. He then tells Farmer Bringle to have his cake. Andywilson92 searches for cake, but is unable to find it. Andywilson92 remarks that Farmer Bringle is "the buffest guy in the world", the rest of the household will soon die, and Farmer Bringle will adopt several children in an "old, crazy house". Andywilson92 says he is not sure if he will move Farmer Bringle into another house, and decides to visit the neighbours. Farmer Bringle shakes hands with the neighbours, and makes a silly face immediately. Farmer Bringle then asks if he can use the lavatory, and states that he dislikes children. Andywilson92 inspects the garden for items to steal, but cannot find any. Farmer Bringle reads a book, but places the book down. Andywilson92 tries to steal the book, but is unable. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle to scare the neighbour, and insult his home. He sends Farmer Bringle back home, and tells him to take a bath. Andywilson92 expresses his disdain for the sisters, which he describes as "goblins". He then notices that the television is broken, and sends Coconut to fix it. He also sends her to fix the sink. Farmer Bringle is reading a book in the basement. Andywilson92 tells Shaniqua to continue writing her novel. He sends Farmer Bringle to work out for another 7 hours. Andywilson92 calls Farmer Bringle a "fully mature adult", and makes him change his outfit.

Andywilson92 changes Farmer Bringles everyday outfit to a sleeveless vest and jeans, with a medallion. He makes his formal a cowboy-style jacket with purple and black striped trousers. He keeps his sleepwear the same as the current style. He makes his athletic wear a pair of red shorts, and a black baseball cap. He then makes his swimwear a pair of red swimming trunks.

Farmer Bringle then prepares soup. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle to go to the gym tomorrow, and begin picking fights with people. Andywilson92 inspects the house, and finds everything is in order. He sends Farmer Bringle to use the lavatory eat some soup, and take a bath.

Later, Farmer Bringle visits the gym by car. Farmer Bringle aggressively confronts a man, and begins arguing with him. He then talks with a woman nearby, and plays table football, asking the woman nearby to join him. Farmer Bringle goes downstairs and begins being cruel to people. He insults a man that was using some equipment, and then uses the equipment which the man was previously using. Andywilson92 reads that Farmer Bringle has done 53 hours of exercise, and encourages him to do more. He then turns on some country music. Farmer Bringle then uses the shower and the lavatory, and drives home. He eats outside, wakes Tyreen up, and goes to sleep. Andywilson92 says that at some point the sisters who live in the house will soon die, "the world will be a better place".

In the morning, Farmer Bringle goes outside to eat, and then goes to the gym. After being informed that Baskets was involved in a robbery case, he decides that she should accept a cheque offered by the victim. Farmer Bringle picks a fight with a man, because he was dressed in the style Farmer Bringle used to be dressed in. Farmer Bringle begins to argue with the man, mocks his appearance, and then works out. Andywilson92 says that this is a normal day at the gym for Farmer Bringle. Farmer Bringle uses the lavatory, and exercises some more. After doing this, Farmer Bringle begins to fight with people. Farmer Bringle argues with a man, and slaps and bites him. He then pounces on the man and fights him. Farmer Bringle wins the fight, and fights the man again. Andywilson92 then decides to find out where the man lives, but cannot find the man's house. Farmer Bringle then hangs around outside the school, and looks for "nerdy" children to pick on. However, he fails to find any, and decides to attend a fishing class. Andywilson92 checks on the rest of the household, but loses interest. Andywilson92 decides to return when the rest of the household are dead. He looks at a nearby shop, and admires it.

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