ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 5 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 7th June 2015.


The video starts with Farmer Bringle fishing in his new "fishing hole". Andywilson92 tells us that he hasn't played the game in about 3 months, so he is getting used to the controls. The rest of the household are still alive, and are walking around the household. Andywilson92 tells of his plans to sell fish, and make a large sum of money. He briefly considers cooking the fish, but then decides to sell the fish and order pizza. Andywilson92 says that the household can afford some fancy lights, and places some around the surrounding area. He sends Farmer Bringle to eat some ice cream, use the lavatory, take a bath, wake up Baskets, and go to sleep. Baskets walks towards the kitchen, but Andywilson92 orders her not to eat, but instead to guard the water outside, and go for a swim. Andywilson92 notices a woman walking outside his house. He fears that the woman will steal the pond, but realises that she is just taking away the couch. Andywilson92 finds out that Baskets has lost several cases at her job, and decides that she should help a partner in need. The woman who was removing things from Andywilson92's household leaves the house, and goes away. Having just lost his couch, Andywilson92 goes to buy a new one, and searches for the fanciest couch he can afford. He purchases a green three-seater, and admires it. He also decides to purchase a bar, and says that the household are alcoholics. Shaniqua gets up and makes some drinks, after Andywilson92 commands her to. Farmer Bringle wakes up and drinks an alcholic beverage, before fishing. Andywilson92 purchases a pinball table, and plays some kids' music. Andywilson92 says that the sisters are old. Andywilson92 notices Shaniqua asleep in bed, and states that he likes Shaniqua. Idi Armin accepts a cheque from a victim after a robbery case, with Andywilson92 saying that they need as much money as possible. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle is not much of a farmer, and is more of a fisherman. Andywilson92 then orders Shaniqua to fix the sink, and turns off the music. Andywilson92 says that most farmer sleep in all day, while elderly ladies work. Andywilson92 decides to buy Farmer Bringle a new bed. Farmer Bringle begins to fish, while Andywilson92 buys a purple four poster bed for him. Farmer Bringle uses the lavatory. Andywilson92 decides not to burn the sisters like some The Sims 3 players would, and decides to just let them die naturally. Andywilson92 then decides that Farmer Bringle should become a priest in the future. After using the lavatory, Farmer Bringle prepares some cereal. After making some improvements in the bathroom, Andywilson92 scolds one of the sisters for using the bath, and calls her a "horrible old wench". He sends her outside to watch the television. Farmer Bringle has drank a lot of water, and goes for a lavatory break. While Farmer Bringle goes to sleep, some of the sisters go on a jog. Farmer Bringle eats ice cream, uses the lavatory, and begins fishing again. Andywilson92 looks at the bar, and realises that he has a bottle opener and a corkskew just like the ones in this game. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle has jogged 62 kilometres, and has worked out for 64 hours. Farmer Bringle uses the lavatory, and begins to sell his fish at the fish market. Farmer Bringle sells some items of furniture to buy a "well-deserved present" for Farmer Bringle. Andywilson92 asks Baskets if she is okay. He then describes Farmer Bringle as "fishmeister extraordinare".

Suddenly, Baskets passes away. Andywilson92 tells her to "have fun in hell". Farmer Bringle chats and flirts with the Grim Reaper. Farmer Bringle then goes to sleep in his new bed, and dreams of death.

Andywilson92 goes over what has happened in the episode: they have got a big moat, someone died, and Farmer Bringle has gained 5 points in his fishing skills. The video ends zooming into one of the elderly women's face.

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