ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 6 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 18th July 2015.


The video starts with Farmer Bringle asleep in his bed. Andywilson92 says that the sisters, which he describes as "horrible witches", are sleeping on floor "like pigs". Farmer Bringle goes to the fridge to get some food, and eats outside, before fishing. Andywilson92 instructs him to "fish until the end of time". Andywilson92 then decides to postpone recording until something interesting happens.

Coconuts dies, but Andywilson92 is unable to find her corpse. Andywilson92 then says that this will be a "fun mystery" for the household.

Shaniqua dies, and Andywilson92 remarks that this time he is aware where someone died. Farmer Bringle goes to sleep, and begins fishing later. Andywilson92 says that Farmer Bringle has spent days fishing. He also says that Farmer Bringle will become elderly in a few days, and says that Farmer Bringle can become a "creepy old man". Andywilson92 then purchases some "lifetime rewards" for Farmer Bringle, who stops fishing and changes into athletic gear, to visit the gym. Andywilson92 says that since it is 8 'o' clock in the morning on a Wednesday, only unemployed people are at the gym. Farmer Bringle runs on a treadmill, before introducing himself to a nearby woman. While Farmer Bringle converses with the woman, Andywilson92 discovers that another member of the household has died. Farmer Bringle goes home. Andywilson92 remarks that the fact that there is an undiscovered corpse in the house may make selling the house difficult. Farmer Bringle eats some food and goes to sleep. While Farmer Bringle is asleep in bed, Tyreen dies. Farmer Bringle talks to the Grim Reaper, and goes to bed. Andywilson92 states that Farmer Bringle is now the sole inhabitant of the house. In the morning, Farmer Bringle visits the gym. He goes home, and invites a woman he met at the gym the previous day over to his house. Andywilson92 purchases a television, saying "chicks dig TVs". Andywilson92 thinks that the woman has aged. Farmer Bringle greets the woman, and invites her to stay over. Andywilson92 says that he hopes the woman hasn't aged, or it will ruin his plan and he will have to put her in the basement. Farmer Bringle kisses the woman, and goes to sleep. Andywilson92 buys a new sink. Farmer Bringle asks the woman to leave, and watches the cooking channel on the television. Farmer Bringle goes to sleep.

In the morning, Farmer Bringle invites the woman over again. Andywilson92 sees a boy in Farmer Bringle's house, who he describes as a "little goblin". Farmer Bringle notices the woman, and begins to cuddle her. Andywilson92 invites a man over, but the man declines. Andywilson92 then uses "dark magic" to expand Farmer Bringle's lifespan. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle that he will remain young forever.

Andywilson92 then ends the video, stating that he has to work in the coal mine in the morning.

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