ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 7 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 26th July 2015.


Farmer Bringle gets to know the woman better, and they go on a date, where Andywilson92 compares one of the pools to a smiley face. Andywilson92 plots to get the woman to move in so that he can acquire her money and lock her in the basement. Andywilson92 finds out that the woman was already in a romantic relationship prior to meeting Farmer Bringle, and after the woman becomes pregnant, Andywilson92 wonders whether Farmer Bringle is the father or the other man is. Farmer Bringle asks the woman on a date, and Andywilson92 says that they will "go to a nice crack house, just you and me", but after struggling to find such a place, decides to visit the steak house, where they eat at separate tables. Farmer Bringle spots a man he dislikes from the gym.

Farmer Bringle returns home and prepares some food for himself. He eats, and goes to sleep. Andywilson92 then discovers Farmer Bringle is the father of the child. Farmer Bringle goes fishing, and Andywilson92 realises he cannot pay the bills, and sells some of the furniture. Andywilson92 finally discovers the remains of Tyreen, and discovers that she died in the lavatory. He places her remains in the study, and says she will be the "prize ornament". Farmer Bringle then invites his girlfriend over, to convince her to marry him. He also invites the man his girlfriend is currently in a romantic relationship with, who is called Ethan Parrott, over, and plans to burn down his house. He finds their house, and rings the doorbell, and expresses his liking for the house. He talks with Parrott, and tells him that he lives in a lovely home and he can't wait to steal everything inside. He invites his girlfriend back to his house, where he uses the lavatory.

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