ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 8 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the YouTube channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 29th July 2015.


Farmer Bringle confesses that he was in a previous relationship with the ghost of an elderly black woman. He then sits down, and later goes to bed.

Farmer Bringle talks about how to wants to murder the woman and let her live in his basement. He briefly considers burning down her house, but says he wants to get her money first. He asks if he can use someone else's bath, because he had to sell his. He uses the bath and the lavatory, with the owners of the house present in the room. After brushing his teeth and preparing some food, he goes to sleep in their bed. He then wakes up, and plays the guitar. He then goes back to his own home.

Andywilson92 shows the viewer Farmer Bringle's living room, where he has many television sets. Andywilson92 tells Farmer Bringle that he will be happy here for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, Farmer Bringle is seen sitting down in his underwear, and has gained a lot of weight. He has a phone conversation with someone. Andywilson92 shows Farmer Bringle's ex-partner and his son in the basement. Farmer Bringle goes fishing, while Andywilson92 adds some stairs to the house. Suddenly, a fire starts in the house. Farmer Bringle fishes while the fire rages on.

After the fire, it is revealed that Farmer Bringle received §615 as an insurance payment. Farmer Bringle goes to sleep.

The next day, there is a fire, and Andywilson92 finds out that Farmer Bringle's son is still alive. Andywilson92 expresses his anger at the boy being unemployed, even though he is only a child. Meanwhile, in the basement, Farmer Bringle's ex-partner is blocked by several tables, and cannot escape the fire. Andywilson92 says that this could be a good plan, starting a fire to torture someone, and receiving money from the insurance company. After failing to set fire to the woman, Andywilson92 grants her freedom. Farmer Bringle goes to bed, and plans to start a new life, by selling the old house and buying a new one, with a fancy sports car. The woman falls asleep on the floor.

Farmer Bringle watches television. Andywilson92 shows us that while the woman was passed out, he locked her up in a crawl space he made. He then decorates the exterior of the crawlspace, and puts up a painting. Farmer Bringle then goes to sleep in his bed. Andywilson92 then feeds the woman in the crawl space some pizza. The ghosts of the sisters appear and do things. He tells the woman to eat the pizza, and says he hopes it will give her diarrhoea. Andywilson92 buys a new shower with some of the insurance money. He then moves some televisions, and decides that Farmer Bringle should throw a party. He invites the guests to come around at 1:00 PM, and moves the bar. Farmer Bringle makes a drink and orders a pizza. The guests arrive, some bringing food. Farmer Bringle begins to dance with someone, and Andywilson92 says they are having "a good human time". Andywilson92 realises the woman in the crawl space has lights, and decides to remove them, saying she will live in darkness, and adds "this is the way god intended". Farmer Bringle offers someone a drink, and Andywilson92 notices a dog. Andywilson92 sells everything in the house, and Farmer Bringle purchases an unnamed lot. Farmer Bringle decides to move to another town, with his ex-girlfriend locked up in the crawl space. Farmer Bringle moves to Sunset Valley. Farmer Bringle says goodbye to his old house, and his ex-girlfriend locked up in the crawl space, and gets in a taxi to another town.

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