ANDY PLAYS THE SIMS 3 PART 9 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to the channel Andywilson Gaming!. It was uploaded to YouTube on 28th October 2015.


Andywilson92 welcomes the viewer, and tells us that Farmer Bringle has moved to a new town. Farmer Bringle then picks up the phone, to adopt 7 children. Andywilson92 then announces that this video is Season 2 of his The Sims 3 series. Andywilson92 then gets a dice to decide who he should adopt, where 1-2 will be a baby, 3-4 will be a toddler, 5-6 will be a child. The dice lands on a number 3, and he must adopt a toddler. Then, he decides that 1-3 will be a boy, and 4-6 will be a girl. The dice lands on 1, and he must adopt a boy. He names the toddler "Gradolf Gritl". Andywilson92 buys a piece of exercise equipment, so that Farmer Bringle can start "pumping iron" again. He rolls the dice again, and gets a 4 and a 5, so he adopts a female toddler, who he names "Herr Gorineig", and Andywilson92 expresses his confusion at the toddler being bald. Farmer Bringle decides to adopt again, but the adoption service tells him he can only adopt two children. Andywilson92 then moves the sofa and buys a television. Andywilson92 then discovers that Farmer Bringle can adopt another child so he rolls the dice, and gets a 5 and a 4, so he adopts a female child, who he names "Dr Mengelerrr".

Andywilson92 then sums up his new sitcom: a murderer has moved to a new town, and is now in charge of three "disgusting looking" children.

Farmer Bringle goes upstairs and watches television. Andywilson92 comments that the programme Farmer Bringle is watching looks like "fun, entertaining viewing". Farmer Bringle then watches some "spooky TV". Andywilson92 then decides that he will buy a grandfather clock, and will call Farmer Bringle "Father Bringle", as he has adopted 3 children. He buys a model of the Venus de Milo, which Andywilson92 describes as a "vaporwave statue", and returns to watching television. Andywilson92 purchases some high chairs, which he moves outside, and some cots, which he places on the porch. Farmer Bringle changes the channel to the shopping network. Andywilson92 purchases a food processor for the house, and a coffee machine. Andywilson92 then plans for Farmer Bringle to drink nothing but coffee. Andywilson92 then purchases a new car for Farmer Bringle, who goes shopping and purchases a lot of steak. The household goes to sleep, and Andywilson92 discovers that it is Farmer Bringle's birthday, and he will become an elderly man. Andywilson92 describes the sitcom as about a crazy old man who adopts three children. He sends one of the children to school, while he works on the "aesthetically pleasing home". He briefly wonders if Dr Mengelerrr can get a job, but realises that she probably cannot. Farmer Bringle ives alcohol to his children, and then sets about exercising. He then adopts another child, and Andywilson92 gets a 5 and a 3, so he adopts a male child, who he names "Herr Goebels", who he talks to. Andywilson92 decides this will be the "good" child. Herr Goebels goes to get an ice cream, and Andywilson92 sets about renovating the house in a "vaporwave" style. Andywilson92 then discovers that Farmer Bringle has acquired a police cruiser. Herr Goebels goes door-to-door, finding people to befriend.

Andywilson92 remembers that it is Farmer Bringle's birthday, and witnesses him becoming a "creepy old man". Farmer Bringle then goes to sleep. Herr Goebels cycles home, and Andywilson92 ends the episode outside the house.

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