A Guide to Being Alive Part 1

A Guide to Being Alive Part 1

A Guide to: Being Alive: Part 1 is a video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 16th March 2013.


Andywilson92 starts the video saying you have "woken from slumber once again", and you will look at the clock on the wall. Andywilson92 notes that it is 3:50 in the afternoon, and announces that it is time to get up. He says that "something is different this morning", and says that "you realise that you are alive". He says that this is "not an uncommon thing" and "there are many ways of dealing with the fact that you are now aware of your mortality".


Andywilson92 says that video games are an excellent way to kill the time. He instructs the viewer to pop the video game in "your Nintendo or similar gaming device", to "gain a sense of accomplishment". He says that this will cause your brain to release "mondrochlorophate", which slows the nerves and reduces the fear of time. He then defines time as "an unstoppable murder maiden", and advises the viewer to "deal with your new-found fear of time" by staying "caffinated", and says that by doing this, you will be aware of the possibility you may go to sleep and not wake up the next morning. He instructs the viewer to make a cup of coffee. He states that it may be important to print an upside down map of the northern hemisphere on your cup, to pinpoint where you are on earth, unless you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case this is "not as important". Andywilson92 thanks the viewer for watching, and says to join him in the next episode, where he will "discuss the financial and medical benefits to smoking".

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