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A Bara Buti pouch as seen in Bara Buti Advert (2005)

Bara Buti is a fictional fruit-flavored beverage produced in the "Barabuti nation"[1], which is said to be loved amongst children. The drink's mascot is Bulcano Bunny, who appears in advertisements for the beverage. One of these advertisements states that it will "make you strong" and that it contains petrol. The beverage first appeared in Bara Buti Advert, uploaded on January 23, 2017.

Flavors Edit

  • Dragonfruit
  • Tropical Crunch (dragonfruit and pine cone flavor with chunks of Doritos, exclusive to North Sentinel Island)
  • Durian

Additionally, the beverage was at one point available in packs of 200 at duty free stores, which also contained a CD-ROM with animated shorts featuring Bulcano Bunny, Ratstar Johnny, and the small child from Bara Buti Advert (2005).

Appearances Edit

  • Bara Buti Advert
  • Bara Buti: Tropical Crunch Advert
  • Bara Buti Advert (2005)
  • Bara Buti Maenorbe Colostombagh

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