Bara Buti Advert (2005)

Bara Buti Advert (2005)

Bara Buti Advert (2005) is a video by andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 14th October 2018.


The video is an advertisement for Bara Buti. It begins with Bulcano Bunny confronting a small child with a drink of Bari Buti, asking if he is thirsty. The child says he does not understand, and Bulcano Bunny then sits on him and laughs maliciously. Afterwards, he introduces Ratstar Johnny, who gives the drink his praise as they walk past the Rat Bus. Footage of what appears to be a dish being prepared with Bara Buti is shown, and the commercial ends with Bulcano Bunny melting into a puddle.

Script Edit

Bulcano Bunny: Hello small child, are you thirsty?

Child: I do not understand.

Bulcano Bunny: Let me sit on you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bulcano Bunny: Introducing Ratstar Johnny!

Ratstar Johnny: Hello. Playing guitar is hard.

Ratstar Johnny: I am thirsty. Bara Buti gives me strength on tour.

Bulcano Bunny: Bara Buti is a drink that will make you strong. Give it to your children. Bara Buti contains petrol.

Bulcano Bunny: Don't leave! Noooooooo!


  • On Twitter, Andywilson92 claims to have found the video while searching through his sock drawer [1].
  • The language spoken in the video is a constructed language named "Barabutaniti". [2]


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