Bulcano Bunny is the mascot for Bara Buti, and frequently appears in advertisements for the beverage.

Characteristics Edit

Bulcano Bunny is a brown rabbit with two large front teeth and red eyes. He has a very deep, raspy voice, and will react violently to anyone who refuses to drink Bara Buti.

In Bara Buti: Tropical Crunch Advert, he is shown surfboarding, and he shouts his catchphrase, "Bara Buti! WOOOOAH!" In Bara Buti Advert (2005), he appears to be friends with Ratstar Johnny.

Appearances Edit

  • Bara Buti Advert
  • Bara Buti: Tropical Crunch Advert
  • Bara Buti Advert (2005)
  • Bara Buti Maenorbe Colostombagh
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