Drunk Snail reviews episode 1 Turbo

Drunk Snail reviews episode 1 Turbo

Drunk Snail reviews: episode 1: Turbo is a video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 21st April 2014. It is a review of the 2013 film Turbo.


A snail, representing Andywilson92, sips a can of Carlsberg Special Brew and begins to talk. He says that Turbo is one of the greatest movies he has ever seen. He explains that the plot of the film is about a snail who wants to become a race car, and after failing to become a race car, drinks WD-40, and becomes an actual race car, and later wins the Indy 900, and becomes famous.

He gives the film 8/10 for presentation, 8/10 for story, 7/10 for sound, and gives the total film 23/30. The can takes another sip of his beer, and ends the video.

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