Floppy The Hammerhead Christmas Special-0

Floppy The Hammerhead Christmas Special-0

Floppy The Hammerhead Christmas Special is a Christmas special episode in the Floppy the Hammerhead series. It was uploaded to YouTube on 22nd December 2014.


In a festively decorated room, a Christmas pudding is seen on the table. Suddenly, Floppy bursts out of the pudding, and greets the children, welcoming them to the show. Floppy declares that it is Christmas time, and says that the boys and girls know what that means. Floppy jumps off the table, onto the floor, and tells the viewers that last Christmas, Mrs. Floppy bought him a brand new wheelbarrow, to help him plant his butternut squashes. He then reminds the children that not everyone is having a happy Christmas this year. Floppy tells of how he received a letter from a young Liberian boy called Denzel, which reads:

"Dear Floppy,

The shop in Africa has run out of tinsel and baubles, and the weatherman says there's going to be no snow this year."

Floppy asks the viewers if they can help Floppy. Floppy then falls over, and rolls across the floor. Sitting in a green chair, Floppy says that there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas, without the viewer's help. Presenting a bucket of snow, Floppy declares that he is going to send all the snow to the children. He then asks the viewers to dial +231 01841 FLOPPY, to pledge a donation.

The Good Captain, who is asleep and possibly drunk at the bar of a pub, is seen sitting next a phone labelled "Floppy's Charity Phone Line", with the phone number in small writing in the corner.

Floppy then declares that it is time for Floppy's guest corner. Floppy tells the viewer that he was buying compost at his local garden centre, when he met a foreign man outside, who was licking the potted plants. Floppy tells us that the man's name is Santa Claus, and he likes to go all around the world, delivering presents to the children. Santa Claus greets himself in a foreign language, which is translated to English as "I am Santa Claus". Floppy asks the man if he is enjoying the festivities, and Santa Claus tells him that rats chewed off his legs. Floppy asks Santa Claus what presents he is getting for the children, and Santa Claus replies "videogames". Floppy hops off his chair, and tells Santa that they will get on his sleigh, and save Christmas. Santa replies "yes". Floppy and Santa claus are seen riding the sleigh.

A title card comes up, saying "Scene Missing". Suddenly, the set is ablaze. Floppy sways from side to side, before melting into a puddle.

At the end, a message appears with a drawing of Santa Claus, with text that says "Merry Christmas from Floppy the Hammerhead and Andywilson92".


  • While Andywilson92 said since the episode that Floppy is dead, he also suggested that he could still be alive. Andywilson92 confirmed in January 2017 that he is working on a new Floppy the Hammerhead episode.


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