GOOD CAPTAINS FISH RAP is a rap song recorded by Andywilson92 and uploaded to SoundCloud on 13th August 2013. It is about the life of the Good Captain.


The song talks of the Good Captain's birth in 1923, how he started fishing, and the 2050 world collapse.


Hey, yo!

Here is the story of The Good Captain's Fish

He spent all his days fishing for cod in the sea

He was born in '23

His mother was a hobo, his father was a hobo

But he liked fish

He became a fisherman, because he liked fish

And he got a fishing trawler

And started fishing in the sea

In 2050 the world blew up

And everyone was funny except for the captain

He continued to fish until the seas dried up

'But don't lose your guard, or you'll find him in your lavatoré

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