Good Captains Christmas Messgae

Good Captains Christmas Messgae

Good Captains Christmas Messgae is a video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 25th December 2013.


The video starts with the Good Captain asleep, after drinking a large amount of alcohol. The Good Captain wakes up, and greets the viewer, and states that it is Christmas again, and we must remember the important times. He also says that he hopes the viewer has filled up on cod rolls and trout pie. He says that when he was a lad, he would go out every Christmas with his father, in the rain, and catch the bus to "Fleggenbury", and they would watch the owls catch mice, and his father would tell him "I need you to stay awake again tonight, just in case the postman comes back". The Good Captain says that this Christmas he hopes the viewers look after one another, and if they see a man without fish, give him a can of hake. The Good Captain then bids the viewer Merry Christmas, before falling asleep again.


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