Good Captains TV Childrens Hour

Good Captains TV Childrens Hour

Good Captains TV: Childrens Hour is a video by Andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 29th November 2011.


The video is done in the style of a television channel. It starts with the service off air. Then The Good Captain's Fish logo appears with the message "Paid For By The Good Captains Fish". Then a list of all the shows appears - Mouse Tails at 6:00, The Good Captain's Kid Show at 6:10. The Good captain's kid show starts up, zooming in to the a clown version of The Good Captain's  head - a red nose, rainbow wig etc. The Good Captain then gives his slogan - "Remember, kids, eat your fish!" a few times before his head shrinks into the distance and bounces from each corner of the screen in a similar way to the ball on Pong. Then it is announced that at 6:30 there will be the Good Captains News And Weather, and that concludes the children's programming. Then Lisa reads the Book of Snospis to the children, before the show goes off air.


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