Good Captains Voice test (2011)
Good Captains Voice test (2011) is a sound file recorded by Andywilson92 in circa August 2011 [1]. It was later uploaded to SoundCloud on 15th July 2013.


The audio was recorded in circa August 2011, when Andywilson92 has just created The Good Captain. It also features Lisa Snospis, one of Andywilson92's famous characters, which he created in 2009.


Note: This transcript is unofficial and therefore may contain mistakes. Words and sentences that are uncertain are marked with [these symbols], and indecipherable words and sentences are marked with *indecipherable*, and sounds and noises are marked with (these symbols).

The Good Captain: Tell me, boy, have you ever tasted the Good Captain's fish? What? But it's got all the cod oil, and fried *indecipherable* goodness, that you need, to start you on your day. Oh yes, yes, the fish, the fish may be pricey, but it's good for the [young 'uns]. Lisa, pass me my hammer.

Lisa: This is going to be the best day we've ever had.

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