How to make Fried Chicken

How to make Fried Chicken

How to make Fried Chicken is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to his channel sandwichreviews. It was uploaded to YouTube on 21st June 2013.


Andywilson92 welcomes the viewer to "hungover cookery", and says that today he is going to make K.F.C. He then decides to make buttermilk, by shows that he has butter and milk, and says that he believes that is how it is done. Andywilson92 shows the viewer that the chicken is frozen, by tapping the bowl with it, and tapping it with his hand. Andywilson92 takes the butter out of the microwave, and pours the milk into it. Andywilson92 puts the buttermilk in the microwave, and then chops some garlic. Andywilson92 then decides to add pepper, chilli powder, mustard and sweet chilli, and mixes them all together, describing it as deciding to "bung them all in there". He adds the chilli and the garlic to the buttermilk, and mixes them, and also decides to add some more butter. Andywilson92 cuts up some food. After adding all the ingredients into a bowl, Andywilson92 covers it in a plastic sheet, and says "always remember to keep your meat covered, so that the flies don't get to it", and says that what he said was a "number 1 tip from Andy". He throws a milk bottle in the bin.

To go with the chicken, Andywilson92 makes a curry, which he describes as "vegetarian, of course", but adds a slice of bacon on it. He then gets some flour, and places the chicken into it. After taking it out of the frying pan, Andywilson92 decides to finish it in the microwave. After finishing the chicken in the microwave, Andywilson92 wipes some steam off the camera, and remarks that he will probably get food poisoning from his dish, but is not bothered, and comments that he has probably already been poisoned by handling raw chicken meat.

Andywilson92 places the plate of completed food onto a table, and begins to taste the food. He remarks that the curry is "quite nice". He places his camera in front of him, and continues to eat. He then describes the chicken as "pretty foul and disgusting". Andywilson92 thanks the viewer for watching the video.

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