Mouse Tails episode 1 coke

Mouse Tails episode 1 coke

Mouse Tails episode 1: coke 
is the first episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on the 4th January 2011. It was proceeded by Mouse Tails 02: Mr Fishly.


The episode begins with the narrator (the Microsoft Sam speakonia voice) saying:

"Mouse Tails is the story of a little brown mouse named Mouse Tails. Mouse Tails was a happy little mouse who worked in a biscuiting factory and liked sweeties and cheese and porridge for breakfast. Speaking of which, here is is now."

Mouse Tails enters the room and drinks a can of Coca cola. As he is drinking, a loud screeching noise is in the background. The narrator then says "And from that day on, everyone in the Mouse Tails household enjoyed the taste of coke. Speaking of, here comes Magic Mouse, the magician room-mate of Mouse Tails". Magic Mouse stomps into the room and flies out of the house. The narrator says "Magic Mouse flew away because he was late for work. Later that day, Magic Mouse was fired because he was late for work." It is then announced that in the next episode Magic Mouse and Mouse Tails will put their differences aside to get Mouse Tails a job again. The narrator says "See you next time, boys and girls."

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