Mr. Hitler is a sentient red trailer with a National Socialist flag tied to it. He is also known as Adolf Hitler. He is Marge's best friend since childhood.


Snospis Eht The Soundtrack Whiskey in the Jar-2

Snospis Eht The Soundtrack Whiskey in the Jar-2

Mr Hitler's theme song.

He is a red trailer with a black handle and wheels, and a bucket for a head. On his back is a flag of Nazi Germany. His face can either be a that of a crudely-drawn smiling face, or a human face similar to the real Adolf Hitler's.

In his first appearance, he had a similiar voice to Marge, but in later episodes he has a handsome, deep voice, and he is friendly.

In Snospis Eht: Dreams Again., he stated that he had spent twenty years to work on his paintings.

Mr Hitler in Wolls & Gromt

How Mr Hitler appears in Wolls & Gromt.

In Wolls & Gromt: 05: "To The Mewn, Gromt!", he has more of a human appearance, with arms and legs, and an actual head instead of a bucket. He is also seen with lipstick and wearing a yellow shirt, and has Mr Bread for hands.


He is a good friend of Little Marge, and Marge's mother.

Art careerEdit


One of Mister Hitler's paintings in Snospis Eht: Dreams Again..

In Snospis Eht: Dreams Again., Mister Hitler said he has had 20 years to work on his paintings. The year was 2057, meaning that Mr Hitler began painting in 2037.

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