N.I.G shitplay - mirrors edge part 1

N.I.G shitplay - mirrors edge part 1 is a video by Andywilson92, uploaded to his channel sandwichreviews. It is a video in the N.I.G series. It was uploaded to YouTube on 14th February 2011. In this video, Andywilson92 plays Mirror's Edge.


Andywilson92 proclaims that "this is the N.I.G". A title comes up saying "NETWORK OF NTOXICATING GAMING", which suddenly explodes. Mr Bread appears, while a large explosion appears behind him. Andywilson92 announces that today's game will be Mirror's Edge. He decides to play the game on the easy setting, and says "I don't want to work hard. You don't want to work hard. No-one wants to work hard", and also adds "No-one wants to do anything anymore". Andywilson92 skips the intro, and starts the game. Andywilson92 starts to run around, but falls off of the side of a building, and says "you know the rules", before drinking an alcoholic beverage. After successfully jumping to another building, Andywilson92 jumps over several more buildings, and reaches "Celeste", who he tells to "shut up", and "no-one knows who you are". Andywilson92 chases after her, jumping over several obstacles and walking through a door and his way. He walks along a red beam, and climbs onto a building. He leaps over to a red pipe, and climbs it, jumping to the next red pipe, which he uses to jump over. He climbs along a wall, but decides to go in the other direction, "for the peace of god, which we all want to witness". After climbing onto a building, Andywilson92 walks along a ledge, and glides down a rope. After overcoming several other obstacles, at the end of the video, it is announced that King Bread has technical difficulties.

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