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sandwichreviews is a channel by Andywilson92.


Formation of the channel (2010)Edit

The channel was created on 13th June 2010.

N.I.G (January-March 2011)Edit


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Throughout early 2011, Andywilson92 uploaded videos of himself playing video games to the channel, in a series he called N.I.G.

Other gaming videos (2012-2013)Edit

In December 2012 and January 2013, Andywilson92 uploaded several videos of himself playing Max Payne 3, and also uploaded a video of him playing a Winnie the Pooh-themed game.

Cooking videos and other videos (2013)Edit

In 2013, Andywilson92 uploaded two videos of himself cooking food, the first one being What If The Sims 3 Was A Sandwich?!?!?!?!, in which he creates a pizza sandwich, and the second one being How to make Fried Chicken.

He also uploaded RICK STEIN WON'T LET ME INTO HIS RESTAURANT., in which he looks at a restaurant on Google Maps.


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