Snospis Eht ("SNOSS-PISS-ETT") or ("SNAWS-pis ETT") is a series of animated 3-D videos created by Andywilson92. They are a parody of the American animated series, "The Simpsons".

They revolve around the surreal misadventures of Lisa and her mother Marge, her father Homer, her brother Bart and her sister Maggie.


From an early age, Andywilson92 had watched The Simpsons [1]. He created Snospis Eht in the late 2000's, as he was annoyed at the declining quality of the show.

Setting, characteristics and themesEdit

Snospis Eht is set in Tyksrr.


Chrome motorcycle

Lisa, the main character of Snospis Eht, riding her chrome motorcycle.


Marge and Lisa in the basement.

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