Snospis eht sickbart part 1 coffee run

Snospis eht sickbart part 1 coffee run

Snospis eht: sickbart part 1: coffee run is a video in andywilson92's "Snospis Eht" series. It is preceded by Snospis Eht: Little Marge, and is followed by Snospis Eht: Sick Bart part 2: A trip to the Seaside. It was uploaded to YouTube on the 7th August 2011.


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The video begins with Lisa riding her chrome motorcycle to a Starfucks Coffee store. She steps down from her motorcycle and lights and smokes a Marlboro cigarette, before she enters the store.

She orders a cup of coffee for Homer, and another cup for herself, but no coffee for Marge (stating that Marge dislikes coffee). The shopkeep (Inkajoo) shrieks, as expands and contracts itself. Lisa thanks it and takes the coffee cups as she leaves the store.

Lisa rides on her motorcycle, but it sinks into the river next to the store. Three scenes are shown: Lisa crossing her eyes, an eyeless Lisa being ridden upon by the mayor, and Lisa smoking a cigar. Lisa then flies away from the river, and lands at her house. She tumbles down the stairs to her basement.

Lisa tells Marge that she had bought coffee for the family, and Marge approves. Lisa notices that her voice has changed. Marge tells her that the cause of her voice's change is due to "the Iron Filings plant next door. All the metal shavings rip apart human lungs, causing eventual death."

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