Sonic.exe is a video created by andywilson92. It is followed by Tails.exe.



Plot Edit

Amy Rose tells Sonic that Dr. Eggman is planning to turn all the animals into robots, and Sonic agrees. They were interrupted when a ship's chimney blows. Amy Rose asks Sonic about its sound, and the Good Captain greets them and complements her legs.

Amy Rose tells the Good Captain that they need to go and stop Dr. Eggman, but the Good Captain tells her not to worry, because he already killed him with his captain's knife. He asks Amy on whether she has seen a fishing trawler before, and invites her and Sonic to come to his trawler for the cocktails on Captain's Hour, which they accept.

Onboard, Sonic and Amy meet Tails, who tells them that as the trawler's new Cabin Boy, he will be driving this ship. Sonic and Amy drink a mug of the "Good Captains Special Rum", and Amy was disgusted by its taste. Amy asks the Good Captain on why are they supposed to come to his trawler. The Good Captain replies that there is no reason for their visit. He adds that it is "getting a bit chilly in here," so he suggests Amy and Sonic to sit in a cage. Amy nervously refuses, and Sonic suggests to her that they should leave, as he felt suspicious about the Good Captain and his trawler.

The Good Captain allows Sonic and Amy to leave, but they find that the trawler is currently at the middle of the sea, to Sonic's disappointment. The Good Captain tells them that they will have to be in his trawler "for a while".