​sonikku-fan-97​ is an account created in 2010 by Andywilson92 on DeviantArt. The account features fan art from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, featuring an OC called Dr Hands.


The account was created on 19th September 2010 by Andywilson92. The first drawing to be uploaded to the account was Dr handz teh hedgehog, uploaded on 19th September 2010 [1].

The character JesusEdit

When uploading to the account, Andywilson92 roleplayed as a 13 year old boy named Jesus [2]. Jesus was born on 7th March 1997 [3].


The account features many characters:

  • ​Dr. Hands​, the main character. He is a 26-year-old black hedgehog, who works as a surgeon. He served in the army, and has a brick permanently stuck to his right hand as a result of an accident during the Hedgehog War [4].
  • Crunchy, the wife of Dr. Hands. She is 25 years old [5].
  • Hands Jr., the son of Dr. Hands. He is 5 years old [6].
  • Shoebox, the daughter of Dr. Hands. She is 3 years old [7].
  • Doctor Eggman, the enemy of Dr. Hands.

List of artEdit

A list of artwork on the account:


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