Squidward just wants to play clarinet, but Spongebob and Patrick continuesly irritate him by playing some vidya and trying to masturbate. Squidward cannot take anymore, and asks his clarinet for advice, the clarinet then suggest to Squidward shooting himself with a 44. Magnum. and Squidward does so.

After the pleasing news of Squidward's death, Spongebob and Squidward decide to dance, looking like idiots in the process.

As soon as Squidward shoots himself, the sky turns into this bluish and purplish void looking sky as Spongebob and Patrick dance annoyingly.


  • There is graffiti of a penis on Squidward's PC.
  • Squidward owns a map of Skyrim
  • Squidward's door owns a penis.


An animation of Patrick's Leg may be in the making!

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