The Good Captain Says Eat Your Fish

"Eat Your Fish".

The Good Captain
 (also known as Isambard T Dickmonger III) is a character in Snospis Eht and Mouse Tails.


According to the GOOD CAPTAINS FISH RAP, the Good Captain was born in '23, possibly meaning that he was born in 1923, to homeless parents in poverty, and he spent his days fishing [1]. In 2038, the Good Captain founded The Good Captain's Fish, and became successful, but overfished the seas, leading to the 2050 world collapse [2].


The Good Captain wears a black outfit and boots. On his head, he has a sea captain's hat. He is often seen smoking a pipe.

His appearance is similiar to Andywilson92, the creator of Snospis Eht.

The Good Captain rarely smiles, as "smiling has nothing to do with fish" [3].



An illustration showing the evolution of the 3d model of the Good Captain's appearance.

Andywilson92 worked on The Good Captain's appearance between August 2011 and January 2012 [4].

Andywilson92 originally planned for The Good Captain to be "the last sea captain on 23rd century earth", who would "traverse earths oceans hunting krakens and searching for treasure", however he turned into "a deranged man wearing a captains hat" [5].



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