The Legend of Zelda is a video created by andywilson92.

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda

Plot Edit

Link visits King Harkinian, who is watching television in Hyrule Castle. He asks King Harkinian whether they can embark on a "Jolly Romp", and asks him about Zelda and polishing his Master Sword.

King Harkinian answers, as he drinks, that Zelda is out cleaning the Septic Tank, and cannot come until "Wii for a while", They later sit on a jacuzzi. Link asks King Harkinian about the "man" in front of them (who turns out to be Magic Mouse).

Link rapidly shakes his head and chatters. He later finds himself to be beside Magic Mouse, who takes Link with him as they float into the sky. Shigeru Miyamoto appears from the sun, and tells Link to come with him, so that he can bring him to the Skyward Sword.

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