Lisa smoking a cigar.

The Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson (often abbreviated as RAOLS) is a series of comics set in the Snospis Eht universe. The series is a parody of the popular television show The Simpsons.


The main character in the series is the eponymous Lisa. Other characters include her mother Marge, her father Homer, her brother Bart and her sister Maggie. Lisa is often seen unemployed and searching for a job.


  • Lisa, the protagonist. Lisa is often depicted as naked and emaciated, and is often seen smoking cigars. She is unemployed and most episodes tend to feature her searching for a job.
  • Marge, Lisa's mother. Marge has blue hair and wears a green dress. She has snowman-like characteristics, such as a carrot for a nose. Marge is frequently seen cooking in the kitchen, but sometimes visits the pond to attack things with her laser gun.
  • Homer, Lisa's father. Homer is rarely seen, as he is mostly at work, or doing some sort of activity outside. He uses Bart as a means of transport, nicknaming him "Bartmobile". Bart does not like this, and is seen groaning when Homer rides him.
  • Bart, Lisa's brother. Bart is seen emaciated and wearing a loincloth. He not often seen as he is usually doing something with Homer outside, such as fishing in Shellbeville or re-mapping India's northern coast.
  • Maggie, Lisa's sister. Maggie is sometimes seen with an afro and, like Marge, has some snowman-like characteristics such as a carrot for a nose. In other episodes she is seen with a skeletal appearance and a wearing a blue bow. Judging by a poster in her bedroom, she may be a fan of the band Paramore.
  • Mr Fishly, Lisa's ex-boss. Lisa was fired on her first day of work because the place she was working for closed down.



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