This page is about the comic. For the page about the series, see The Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson (series).

The retarded adventures of Lisa Simpson is a comic by Andywilson92 uploaded to DeviantArt on 14th November 2009, and the beginning of the Snospis Eht series.


The comic starts off with Lisa waking up from a stange dream, and turns on the light. She then realises that it is her first day of work, and becomes excited. Lisa then realises that she is naked and puts on some shoes. Lisa goes upstairs to the kitchen, where Marge is preparing breakfast. Lisa then lights a cigar and inquires where Bart and Homer are. Marge replies that they are on a fishing trip. When Lisa goes outside, she realises that she has missed her bus. Ned Flanders offers Lisa a ride in the Nedmobile. Mr Fishly informs Lisa that the "shit farm" is closing down, therefore Lisa is fired. The comic ends with the message "WHAT WILL LISA DO WITHOUT A JOB? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT ISSUE".

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