Thomas And Freinds 2 is an animated video created by andywilson92. It was uploaded to YouTube on 5th January 2014. It is preceded by Thomas And Freinds and is followed by Thomas and Freinds 3.

Thomas And Freinds 2

Thomas And Freinds 2

Plot Edit

A lone commuter waits at the village station for a train to board for his morning trip to work. James drops towards the railway platform, destroying it and crushing the commuter, and he advances along the railway track.

In a shed, the Fat Controller advised James to be faster, as he was too slow to reach that earlier station this morning. James defiantly cries, "Eat. My. Train. Shit," and excretes on a worker behind him, before moving towards a tunnel.

He screams as he advances down the railway tracks, and crashes towards a special needs school.

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