Thomas And Freinds 3-0

Thomas And Freinds 3-0

Thomas And Freinds 3 is the third episode of Andywilson92's Thomas And Freinds. It was uploaded on 22nd February 2015.


The story begins early in the morning on the island of SodorGordon is racing down the tracks to take Mrs Flangetelly to the Post Office so she can collect her pension. Mrs Flangetelly looks out of the window and asks if they are nearly there. Gordon tells Mrs Flangetelly that they are not there yet, and flies off the end of a ramp. A family are having a picnic, they have 2 children, their daughter is the eldest child and their son is the youngest. The mother passes a jar of Bovril to the son, and he nods in response. Gordon falls and crushes them. Mrs Flangetelly tells Gordon that they have to get there; the post office opens soon. Gordon roars and flies into the sky. At the station, The Fat Controller is giving Thomas and James their jobs for the day. He tells Thomas to deliver coal to the power station, or the island will be without power. He then tells James to be in Tidmouth to pick up the banana delivery, which is coming by boat from Africa. The Fat Controller tells Thomas and James that he is trusting them to do this job well, and walks away. Thomas shouts "YOU WILL BURN FOR YOUR SINS!". Gordon crashes to the ground and Mrs Flangetelly climbs out of his window and falls. Mrs Flangetelly tells Gordon that she has fallen and she doesn't think she can walk now. Thomas the Tank Engine comes to the rescue, and shouts "GET INSIDE MY TRAIN HOLE!!!!" at Mrs Flangetelly. Mrs Flangetelly gets into Thomas' train hole, and Thomas speeds through the town, and arrives at the post office. Thomas roars and shoots Mrs Flangetelly out of his train hole. Gordon and James arrive next to Thomas.Mrs Flangetelly gets up and says that the trains have done such a good job, and she is inviting them round to her house for tea and Battenburg cakes as a reward. The trains thank Mrs Flangetelly for the offer and go round to Mrs Flangetelly's house.


  • The music playing when Thomas speeds through down is a distorted version of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune.
  • The teapot is TeaPotSenMan, a character from another Andywilson92 series.