Thomas and Freinds 3 is an animated video created by andywilson92. It is preceded by Thomas and Freinds 2.  It was uploaded to YouTube on 22nd February 2015.

Thomas And Freinds 3

Thomas And Freinds 3

Plot Edit

Gordon moves along the railway line near the coast of Sodor to take Mrs. Flangetelly to the Post Office so that she can collect her pension. When Mrs. Flangetelly asks on whether has Gordon reached there yet, he angrily replies, "NO!". He flies off a ramp and crashes at a family having a picnic. Mrs. Flangetelly reminds him to take her to the Post Office, and he furiously advances.

At the train station at Arlesburgh, the Fat Controller tells Thomas to deliver coal to the power station (to keep Sodor's power supplies running) and James to pick up a banana delivery at Tidmouth that is shipped by boat from Africa. Thomas curses at the Fat Controller as he leaves, and the two engines move out. Gordon reaches the train station, and Mrs. Flangetelly falls out of him. She tells Gordon that she may not be able to walk. Thomas arrives, and yells at her to get inside his "train hole". He bends his chimney and sucks her inside, and moves along the road to the Post Office, where he ejects her out. Meanwhile, Gordon and James follow him there.

Mrs. Flangetelly commends the three trains for their efforts, and invites them over to her home for tea and Battenburg cakes. They are later shown at Mrs. Flangetelly's garden, as she holds a tray of Battenburg cakes and tea.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has its own closed captions.
  • Teapotsenman can be seen on Mrs. Flangetelly's tray.
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