Thomas and Freinds Theme Song is an animated video created by andywilson92.

Thomas and Freinds Theme Song

Thomas and Freinds Theme Song

Plot Edit

Thomas, Gordon, James, Emily, and Toby crash at a man who is sitting on a rock, and the Fat Controller bursts out of the rock. Gordon mounts Emily while Thomas pull several freights as Toby looks on from the sea. Emily and James excrete on the same sitting man, and Gordon crushes him. As Thomas looks on, Toby melts. James and the Fat Controller fly past a hill, before arriving at a dilapidated shed, where he leans over and crushes the Fat Controller. Thomas wanders into Egypt, before crashing with James at a junction down a hill. Several scenes depicting the trains (including drawings of the trains lacking models, like Percy, Edward and Henry) follow.

Thomas calmly sits by next to the same man on the rocks, with the Fat Controller's head behind them. The view focuses on Thomas' chimney, with an annotation that reads, "Coal is expensive. Put some money in the train hole," which links to the creator's Patreon page.

Trivia Edit

  • The opening credits mention:
    • "Thomas & Freinds
    • DJ Pisshammers
    • HAM Records
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