Wolls, the protagonist of Wolls & Gromt.

Wolls & Gromt is a series by Andywilson92, parodying Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit. It's first episode was released to YouTube on 18th October 2011.

History and developmentEdit

Andywilson92 created Wolls & Gromt as a rigging/music test for his videos, and because he was "sick to tears" of Snospis Eht, and wanted to animate something new [1].


The protagonist of Wolls & Gromt is Wolls, a clergyman who, after witnessing the moon, decides to build a rocket to fly to the moon. Wolls lives in a public toilet with his "dog" named Gromt, who has the appearance of a human wearing a dog mask.

Andywilson92 has described Wolls as "a crazy person with no eyes who lives in a public toilet" [2], and Gromt as "a man held against his own will wearing a dog mask over his own face so he can't speak" [3].


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