Wolls & Gromt 05 "To The Mewn, Gromt!"

Wolls & Gromt 05 "To The Mewn, Gromt!"

Wolls & Gromt: 05: "To The Mewn, Gromt!" is the fifth and final episode of Andywilson92's Wolls & Gromt. It was uploaded to YouTube on 4th March 2012. 


The outside of Wolls' house is seen as the episode starts, slowly moving on to show the vast desert surrounding it. Wolls is seen sitting on the toilet. A Coca-Cola logo censors him. The Good Captain is seen unconscious in the fridge, along with Mr. Fishly.

Wolls & Gromt stare at the Metal Shaft Canon's door before entering it. Wolls & Gromt are seen sitting in the rocket bathed in a green glow. Wolls pats Gromt's head. The rocket shoots off into the sky. The rocket is seen flying through the sky and into space. Wolls types something into a computer. The rocket then flies past the sun, and into a portal. Wolls and Gromt then arrive at the moon. A loud noise is heard and the Coca-Cola logo is seen. Wolls lands on the moon and gets out of the ship with Gromt. Adolf Hitler is seen sitting at a table, drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola. Hitler invites Wolls & Gromt to come and sit at the table with him. Wolls accepts the invitation, and sits down at the table. He picks up a bottle of Coca-Cola and drinks it. The episode ends with Wolls and Hitler drinking Coca-Cola with Gromt sitting next to them.


  • The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich

    "The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich", by Adolf Hitler.

    At around 1:15, a 1914 painting by Adolf Hitler called "The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich" is seen on the wall of the rocket ship [1]


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