Wolls & Gromt: Episode 01: The Idea Man is an episode created by andywilson92.

Wolls & Gromt- Episode 01- The Idea Man

Wolls & Gromt- Episode 01- The Idea Man


Wollis sits on a chair as he rubs his chin and plays with a glass of wine. Gromt the dog emerges from his kennel and approaches Wollis, before his raises himself and nods his head and right hand. Wollis gets up from the chair, drops his wine glass to the ground, and tells Gromt to let him ride on his back towards a refrigerator.

The refrigerator's door quickly opens and closes by itself. Wollis turns his head back, and sees that the rooms around him are getting dark. He looks up to the sky and points at the Moon, telling Gromt that they should go there.

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