Wolls & Gromt L'aventure Epique!

Wolls & Gromt L'aventure Epique!

Wolls & Gromt: L'aventure Epique! is a video by Andywilson92 in the Wolls & Gromt series. It was uploaded to YouTube on 14th October 2012. This video is a compilation of all the Wolls & Gromt episodes from Wolls & Gromt: Episode 01: The Idea Man to Wolls & Gromt: 05: "To The Mewn, Gromt!", with some extra clips, in a similar style to Snospis Eht: : The Epic Adventure.


The episode is a compilation of all the episodes, from episode 1 to episode 5.

Additional scenesEdit

Some additional scenes were created to bridge the gaps between the episodes.

  • Between Wolls & Gromt: 03: The Good Captains Visit and Wolls & Gromt: Episode 04: The Resurrection, when Wolls is unconscious, he has a flashback to his childhood, where his father, a religious man, instructs Wolls to test some lavatories, or he will not be allowed to go to church in the morning. He then tells him that he will be a fine reverend, and "no some of mine will be a scientist". Wolls tells him that he doesn't want to be a reverend, instead his wishes to be a scientist.
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